Dealing with structural cracks in concrete or fibreglass pools requires expertise to identify the cause and apply the right repair correctly. Here are some tips on evaluating cracks and choosing the best solution for cracked pool repair.

  1. The first step is to inspect any cracks you’ve noticed carefully. Pay attention to things like the location, direction, and how much the crack has spread since first appearing. Cracks running vertically are generally less concerning than horizontal or diagonal ones, which can indicate deeper foundation issues. Taking photos over time can help trace whether cracks are stable or actively worsening. You’ll also want to check if the pool is level, as sloping can concentrate pressure and hasten damage.
  2. Determining the root cause is key before undertaking repairs. Common culprits include settling of the ground overtime, foundation issues, improper drainage around the pool, or structural defects from original construction. Pools sitting on expansive clay soils are especially prone to cracking as the ground shifts with changes in moisture. Heavy equipment or nearby tree roots can also potentially disrupt a pool’s integrity.
  3. If cracks appear relatively minor with no gross shifting, sealing may be sufficient for reinforced concrete pools. Epoxy crack filler is excellent for filling in hairline cracks up to 1/4 inch wide on walls and decks. Be sure to prep the surface thoroughly per the product instructions. Resealing regularly helps prevent water intrusion, which makes cracks worse.
  4. Larger diagonal fractures, particularly on the decking area, often point to foundational problems below the surface. A pool professional can assess if jacking or underpinning the entire pool structure is needed to stabilize it. Underpinning involves excavating around the perimeter to add concrete footings and sump pumps for drainage if the soil is unstable. This extensive repair method effectively resets the pool on a reinforced foundation.
  5. Fibreglass pools display cracks differently than concrete since the entire vessel is one moulded piece of plastic. Minor hairline cracks may simply require sealing with a two-part pool crack repair kit designed for this material. More advanced cracking signals stress on the shell, typically due to settling or foundation issues. In these cases, the entire pool must be assessed by a professional. Reinforcing rods or plates may be bonded externally using epoxy if the shell is salvageable. Otherwise, a full pool replacement would be prudent.
  6. Before undertaking any do-it-yourself crack repairs, make sure the root cause has been addressed to prevent recurring issues. Improper installation of things like decking, lighting, or other accessories can also inadvertently compromise a pool’s integrity over time. A qualified pool technician should evaluate the entire structure to catch defects that are not obvious from surface cracks alone. This is especially important if the pool is out of warranty.
  7. The cost of cracked pool repair varies considerably depending on the extent of damage and necessary solutions. Sealing minor concrete cracks usually runs $500-$1000, while epoxy underlayment beneath lifting decking areas averages $1500-$3000. Underpinning a sunken pool ranges from $7500 up to $25,000 or more, depending on the size and depth of the structure. Replacing a fibreglass shell due to incurable cracking exceeds $15,000 on average.

While no pool owner wants to deal with potential foundation problems hidden below the surface, identifying and fixing the root cause of cracks is important to prevent costly full replacements down the road. With careful assessment and the right repair method matched to each pool’s unique issues, you can enhance structural integrity and salvage your investment for years of continued enjoyment. 

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