Pool repair emergencies can ruin your fun, but this does not have to be the case because there are ways to repair emergency pool problems, and knowing what to do will allow you to enjoy the sun all summer long. 

Owning a pool is great, although maintenance is involved, and you need to care for your pool correctly to continue using it safely. Your pool requires attention as this will help prevent severe problems and costly repairs, so keep a close eye on every component. Contact a reputable pool store to speak to a technician if you ever spot any issues. Acting fast will allow you to keep your pool open during the warmer months, so you need to detect problems early on and contact a professional right away. 

If you notice dirty water, it can result from a simple problem like not skimming enough to remove debris, and you can also try adjusting the chemicals to keep your water clean. Serious issues can include the pipes and pump, and if your pipes are clogged, water will not be able to go through your filter. In contrast, an inefficiently running pump will prevent the water from circulating properly. This can lead to the growth of algae and mosquitos, and other water-breeding insects will consider your pool as their home. 

You have to consider the material of your pool as concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass will each have their problems, and you need to look out for specific signs to prevent major pool emergencies. Cracks can develop in the shell of concrete pools over time, and this aspect will have to be re-shelled. Small cracks are not as problematic because the temperature will cause the shell to expand and contract; however, major cracks will allow water to drain, which can damage your pool’s structure. Vinyl linings will not crack, but you may experience wrinkles that can negatively affect your pool’s appearance. This will occur whenever groundwater rises and pushes up on the lining, so it must be removed, and the lining must be reset. 

Like concrete pools, fiberglass linings can crack, and the walls can bulge inward if the water table rises too high and pushes to the side. Preventative construction will be required, and you will have to contact professional installers for this job. 

If your pool is in need of repairs, Commercial Pool & Rec Products can help. We know how to deal with every type of pool emergency so if you are in Winnipeg and want to enjoy your pool this summer, contact us today! We are experts in this field and will gladly help you maintain and repair your pool.