When building a commercial pool, there are so many decisions and factors that go into construction before it is ready for you to lie poolside. One of the most important decisions you need to make before deciding anything else is which pool contractor you will hire. If you need to find the right commercial swimming pool builder in Winnipeg, it requires some time and research. So, here is the ultimate list of things to consider when deciding.

The first things you want to check out when looking for a swimming pool contractor is their basic business information and their experience. You should make sure that the company is licensed as well as insured. Though you can go with a newer company, older companies can provide a track record, more experience and more knowledge.

To get to know the company more in-depth, you should look to reading online reviews. Keep in mind that almost all companies have bad reviews but this doesn’t mean they are not reputable. Look for a ratio of about 5 to 1 good reviews for every bad one. And, you can see how the company responds to bad reviews, which should be professional and understanding.

Additionally, you should be asking how long the company has been in operation and how many commercial pools they have built during their tenure. You can ask for their latest pool building projects and ask for any references they can provide with contact info. If they’re able to provide a long list of happy clients they have worked for in the past year, great! Next, it’s up to you to contact their references and ask them questions, such as:

  • How was your experience? Was it enjoyable?
  • Is there anything you would change if you could?
  • Would you recommend them?

Before the start of construction, your pool builder should provide you with plans for the swimming pool design and installation. This plan should include information like:

  • Pool location
  • Location of pump and filter
  • Access lane placement for construction
  • Dimensions of the surrounding area

When it comes to pricing and the contract, be sure to read over any paperwork that is involved. The contract should contain all the pricing of the work, or that should be included in a formal quote. There should be note of any add-ons and the estimated completion date should be stated as well.

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