Owning a swimming pool comes with both pleasures and responsibilities. While pools provide recreational fun and relaxation, they also require regular maintenance to keep them running safely and looking their best. Unexpected issues can arise that require prompt repairs. Having the right swimming pool repair supplies on hand can help homeowners quickly and easily address any problems before they escalate. As a one-stop shop for commercial and residential pool equipment and supplies, Commercial Pool & Rec Products carries all the essential items every pool owner needs for repairs.

Pool Interior Repairs

One of the most important repair supplies relates to the pool’s interior surface. Over time, the plaster or other finished material coating pool walls can develop cracks or loose tiles. Pool plaster repair kits containing the matching cement and liquid bonder compound allow do-it-yourself fixes. Various plaster colours are available so the repair blends in seamlessly. For tile repairs, epoxy grout and replacement tiles of all shapes and sizes are stocked. The right matching supplies make repairs virtually invisible. 

Sealants and Caulks

Another crucial component is pool sealant. Whether used for pipe fittings, expansion joints or tile grout cracks, a high-quality silicone or urethane sealant protects against water intrusion that can damage underground equipment or structural elements. Commercial Pool & Rec Products offers brands like E-Z Patch that dry quickly for a long-lasting, flexible waterproof seal resistant to chlorine exposure.

Cleaning and Stain Removal

Proper cleaning and staining are further necessities. Algae, dirt and hard water deposits will eventually form on all pool surfaces without treatment. Commercial-grade cleaners and stain removers liquefy and lift away these issues. Our supply of Erase-It Restore helps restore natural concrete aggregate pop and remove years of buildup for a like-new appearance. 

Leak Detection and Repair

Any leaks in the circulation system must also be addressed. Our catalogue includes leak detection kits that painlessly find infiltration points for quick fixes. Once located, appropriate pool patching putty or epoxy is applied underwater to form an impervious barrier. We offer one-part formulations requiring no mixing for easy use anywhere in or around the pool.

Tools and Maintenance Supplies

Rounding out the list are essential poolside supplies. Whether repairing surface cracks on decking or replacing worn fittings, tools are indispensable. We maintain a full selection of scrapers, putty knives, grout floats and pressure washers. Replenishing chemicals and test kits also allows proactive pool balancing that supports infrastructure and bather safety. 

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Pool Needs

Are you a pool owner in need of repair supplies? As summer heating and activity season continues, pool issues will undoubtedly arise that require quick fixes. Don’t let minor problems cascade into major damage or costly replacement jobs. Rely on Commercial Pool & Rec Products to supply everything needed for hassle-free DIY repairs.

We’ve helped maintain commercial and residential pools for decades by providing a one-stop shop for all essential repair materials. Homeowners can feel secure knowing our in-stock inventory is ready when unexpected issues pop up. Pool professionals benefit from the convenience of a single-source supplier.

Give us a call today to discuss your project needs. Our experts can recommend options specific to your pool type and construction. Then browse our online catalogue or visit our retail location to procure all the right tools, sealants, plaster kits and chemicals for any task.

Repairs don’t have to slow you down or break the budget. Commercial Pool & Rec Products is committed to getting you back up and swimming smoothly. So rely on our expertise and selection to handle repairs with ease. Keep your pool operating safely, and your patrons satisfied all season long – with the right repair supplies on hand from us!