Investing in quality pool supplies is essential for maintaining a healthy pool over the long run. The upfront investment in top-quality products will save you headaches—and money—in the end.


Filters are the lifeblood of any pool, working hard every day to remove dirt and debris. Budget filters may fall apart faster or let undesirable particles slip through, shortening filter life and requiring more backwashes. Spend a little extra on high-performing cartridges from a reputable brand, and you’ll get your money’s worth through longer-lasting filtration.

Test Your Kits:

You’ll also want to examine your test kits and chemicals closely. Outdated test kits can give inaccurate readings, making it impossible to properly balance your water. As for chemicals, it’s best to choose mid-range brands from pool specialty stores rather than bargain alternatives. Lower-quality chemicals may not dissolve completely or effectively sanitize, leading to off-balance water that could damage equipment or make swimmers ill over time. Stick with reputable national brands for consistent, effective results.

Another area where quality counts is pool cleaning supplies. A no-frills pool skimmer basket will need frequent emptying as it quickly fills with leaves and lint. Spend a bit extra on a reinforced mesh basket with a larger capacity so you don’t have to empty it multiple times per cleaning. And when your brush head wears down from scrubbing algae, don’t replace it with a dollar store substitute—the stiff bristles of a name-brand pole will do a far superior job of removing algae and bacteria.

Pumps are the mechanical heart of any pool system, working around the clock to circulate water. Rather than solely considering initial pump cost, factor in energy efficiency for major long-term savings. Choose an Energy Star-rated variable speed or energy-efficient pump engineered to use less electricity over time compared to a basic model. You’ll recoup your investment through lower utility bills year after year. 

Of course, one of the most important investments is the chemicals responsible for sanitizing your pool water. While shock or chlorine tablets may have a higher upfront price tag than bargains, remember that you get what you pay for. Discount shock won’t dissolve fully, leaving chlorine levels too low to sanitize against bacteria and algae properly. Splurge on a professional-grade shock formulated to dissolve fully for effective sanitization each time. The health of swimmers is well worth choosing a proven brand.

Experienced pool owners learn that neglecting equipment maintenance leads to expensive repairs down the line, so be diligent about regularly servicing components according to manufacturers’ schedules. Change oil in your pool pump motor, clean and lubricate pump shaft seals, and refresh auto chlorinator cells to maximize component life. Skipping routine maintenance means risking costly repairs or replacements when equipment fails prematurely due to neglect.

In the long run, quality pool supplies and diligent maintenance create fewer hassles for pool owners and keep water balanced for safe, enjoyable swimming. While an initial investment is required, you’ll avoid repeat trips to the store for replacements and experience far less aggravation from equipment issues or unsafe water. Happy, healthy pools and happy, healthy swimmers are worth choosing tried-and-true name brands and following care routines to maintain your investment year after year.

So, when stocking up for the season, remember—you get what you pay for with pool supplies. Choose quality for a low-maintenance experience!

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