Just because you’ve got salty water doesn’t mean your pool is now maintenance-free. Here are the top 7 tips to help keep your saltwater pool clean, clear and safe for swimming:

  1. Test the water weekly

You can say goodbye to chlorine tablets but cannot skip the weekly water tests because saltwater still needs monitoring to keep it clean and clear. Use test strips to check the pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and salt levels every seven days. If these chemicals are not balanced properly, you’ll soon have algae on your hands. A clean pool is a happy pool, so don’t neglect the simple maintenance—your whole family will appreciate jumping in!

  1. Brush the pool walls and floor

If not removed, debris and dirt accumulate on the walls and bottom of the pool over time. You must scrub away perspiration, dirt, leaves, and other particles at least once a week using a telescoping pole with a brush attachment. Brushing helps sanitize the surface and prevent algae blooms. Pay special attention to corners and edges, which tend to collect more crud.

  1. Check equipment

In addition to the filter, check that the salt chlorinator cell and pump are functioning properly. Look for buildup in the chlorinator cell—if visibility is obscured, it may need cleaning. Ensure the pump basket has no leaves or twigs blocking water flow. Repair or replace any worn parts right away to avoid disruptions.

  1. Shock treat occasionally

Even low-maintenance salt pools benefit from an occasional chlorine or non-chlorine shock treatment. This supercharges the available chlorine to kill any bacteria or algae that normal levels may have missed. To further sanitize, shock monthly in spring/fall or after heavy usage.

  1. Skim the surface daily

Floating debris and bugs on the surface impede circulation and look unsightly. Use a pool skimmer net to scoop off any scum each morning before swimming. This prevents large particles from sinking to the bottom, where they’re harder to remove. Better yet, install an automatic skimmer that does this task for you!

  1. Add liquid chlorine if needed

Under heavy bather loads, cloudy weather or improper balance, the salt chlorinator may not keep up, and you’ll need extra sanitization. Check chlorine levels daily during these times. Add 1-2 ounces of liquid chlorine per 10,000 gallons to boost chlorine ppm back to the 1-3 range.

  1. Clean the pool bottom

At least twice a year, use a vacuum attachment on your pole to thoroughly suck up residual dirt and algae on the bottom. Open any in-floor cleaning system if you have one. Don’t forget to clean any steps, benches and other nooks where debris accumulates.

Following these tips routinely ensures your saltwater pool water stays pristine for comfortable swimming and lounging all summer. You can also rely on Commercial Pool & Rec Products in Winnipeg. We’ve got everything you need to ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!