Is your indoor pool suffering from poor air quality? Are you having trouble removing the chloramines from your swimming pool or spa? We can help.

The WAPOTEC pool water treatment process reduces the microbiological contamination of filters, provides a high ORP with less chlorine residual and is very simple and safe to use at a reasonable cost. It allows a facility to operate with a consistent supply of high quality water.

The WAPOTEC process incorporates three products: HydroSan, HydroXan, and WapoFloc. Excellent water quality is obtained through an effective flocculation/filtration process, which is then enhanced by improved oxidation. The installation of MultiSorp, a filter media enhancement product, will further reduce the combined chlorine level and provide better filtration.

Implementation of this treatment process requires the installation of simple metering equipment. Simple and precise monitoring of free chlorine, combined/bound chlorine, pH, aluminum and chlorine dioxide can be accomplished by using a HydroQuant photometer.

By reducing chlorination by-products, such as simple and complex chlorine compounds (chloramines, THMs), bathers will enjoy more comfortable water and a healthier air quality.

In many cases, aquatics staff will experience a considerable reduction in fresh water and fresh air additions, resulting in a healthier work environment and lowering operating costs for the facility. The savings gained may cover the cost of the WAPOTEC system addition, while corrosion and other building-related problems can be minimized, thereby reducing the life cycle cost of the building.

The end result: excellent water and air quality and lower costs.

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