Takes some effort but prevents bigger problems and expenses down the road. Follow these weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance tips to keep your pool crystal clear.

  1. Testing and Chemical Balancing the Water 

The first step is testing the water chemistry at least once a week using an accurate test kit. Check levels of chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. Add balancing chemicals to sanitize the water and maintain optimal readings for sensitive skin. Proper sanitization protects swimmers from germs and bacteria. 

  1. Brushing, Vacuuming and Skimming Debris

Give your pool walls and floor a thorough brushing weekly to remove algae, calcium deposits and bacteria. Vacuum debris from the bottom on the same schedule using an extended pole attachment. Check the surface daily with the skimmer net to remove any leaves or bugs before they sink. This prevents contaminants from accumulating.

  1. Backwashing and Filter Maintenance

At least once per month, backwash your filter to rinse away collected contaminants trapped in the septa or cartridge. Replace the cartridge if it looks excessively dirty. Clean pump baskets and skimmer baskets weekly. Proper filter upkeep is essential for crystal-clear water.

  1. Shock Treatment Kills Lingering Germs

Add non-chlorine shock monthly, even when the chlorine level reads adequate. Shock reactivates chlorine already in the water, penetrating crevices to sanitize any remaining bacteria or algae. This improves overall water quality. 

  1. Preparing for Winter Weather  

Before the first frost, close the pool by draining pipes and cleaning equipment indoors. Brush and vacuum the empty pool bottom. Adjust the pH and add a stabilizer before filling the lines with water. Check equipment, coping and structure for repairs.

  1. Maintaining Safety Equipment

Inspect lifesaving devices monthly. Test that the life ring is securely attached and the pole is in working order. Chlorine and pH levels should be checked biweekly when the pool is closed for winter. 

  1. Watch for General Wear and Repairs

Periodically inspect pool surfaces and equipment for signs of wear, cracks or damage that could lead to bigger issues if ignored. Address repairs promptly to avoid costly deferred maintenance down the road.

While pool maintenance requires dedicated time and effort, a clean, safe swimming environment rewards it. By following a regular schedule of testing, cleaning, filtration and safety checks, you can prevent bigger problems and costly repairs. Keeping on top of chemical balancing, debris removal, and equipment functioning will extend the lifespan of your pool systems, too.

Spending time each week and month for upkeep means sparkling water for floating, splashing and cooling off on hot summer days. If you are looking for pool supplies in Winnipeg, Commercial Pool and Recreational Products has you covered! Explore our product supplies right here!