We are Commercial Pool & Rec Products. We know your pool’s essentials.

You’ve got a pool, and you know the basics. You know what kind of chemicals to use and when. You’ve even gone so far as to invest in a fancy skimmer net.

But is that enough?

If you want to make sure your pool stays clean and crystal clear every time your friends or family come over for a dip, we tell you that you can do a little more. The following essentials in swimming pool maintenance will help you take your pool from “okay” to “absolute perfection”:

Pool Maintenance Companies Winnipeg

If you want to keep your pool clean and ready for a quick swim, you need to skim out debris, leaves, insects, and any other foreign objects in your swimming pool. Commercial Pool & Rec Products is one of the leading pool maintenance companies Winnipeg has counted on since 1989. Let our experts take care of your pool maintenance, repair and accessories.

A skimmer basket can also be used to collect debris. It is a device that collects floating debris. The skimmer basket is located at one of the suction ports on the sides of the swimming pool, where water is sucked into the pump and filter system. 

Regular Pool Maintenance

Brushing your pool is a great way to keep the water clean and help the filter do its job. If you have a vinyl pool, brush it gently—your goal is to remove debris that has settled on the liner. If you have a concrete pool, you can be more aggressive with your brushing because concrete is made to withstand more force than vinyl liners.

Whichever type of pool you have, though, if you’re not brushing it regularly (at least once a week), that’s when problems can start to arise. Things like algae growth or staining can happen if your water isn’t staying fresh.

When it comes time to clean your pool, use a telescoping pole with a brush attached—many of them come in kits that include other tools for skimming and cleaning. Use a stainless steel brush for concrete pools and nylon for vinyl pools.

Make sure that you’re moving from the shallow end to the deep end so that any debris you loosen will settle there and can be easily skimmed off. Then vacuum it up!

The most crucial task in maintaining a swimming pool is vacuuming–it’s part of the Essentials in Swimming Pool Maintenance. 

Why? Because it keeps your pool clean and safe.

During the summer, your pool can get lots of use. This can mean that things are building up at the bottom of your pool: leaves, dust, pollen, even bugs! 

Vacuuming your pool regularly keeps all of this from getting worse. When you vacuum your pool, you’re also reducing the number of chemicals and water treatments you need to add to keep your pool functioning properly.

Cleaning out the skimmer is one of those things that can easily get put on the back-burner. You know it’s important—it’s an essential part of swimming pool maintenance, but it may not be your favourite thing to do.

Winnipeg Pool Maintenance

Not only is cleaning out the skimmer critical for the health and longevity of your pool, but you need to do it regularly if you want your pool to remain clean and clear. 

Particles like dirt and leaves tend towards the surface of your swimming pool, so it’s crucial that you keep your skimmer free from debris as often as possible. This can help extend the life of your equipment by preventing clogs in your pump basket and filter! Get in touch with our expert pool maintenance for the Winnipeg region—call today at 1-888-523-9274.