The cost of heating a commercial pool can be expensive and this often takes away from the joys of being a pool owner. Luckily, there are cost-efficient ways of heating your pool, and the following ideas can help:

Apply Solar Heating

You will save quite a bit of money if solar is used as your primary heat source. This type of heating is essentially free and the only costs you will have to worry about are the small increases in water pumping fees to move the water through the large solar panels but these costs are very minimal. This option will not always meet your needs and may not be able to keep up with your heating demands but when solar is available and you can purchase a solar system with a heat pump pool heater backup, you will experience the best heating for your pool and one that is very economical.

Consider The Time Of Day That You Run Your Heat Pump Pool Heater

These heaters get their heat from the air, so the best time to run it is when the air temperature is at its warmest. You can control this by setting the controls for your filtration system to operate during the warmest time of the day. Your heat pump pool heater will only operate when it has water flow, which is generally supplied by the filtration system, so the heater will run when your filtration system runs. So long as your filtration is running at the warmest time of the day, your heat pump pool heater will operate at its optimum coefficient of performance, which is the measure of energy output divided by energy input.

Control Evaporation

No matter how you heat your pool, heat loss is usually driven by evaporation from the surface of the pool, so controlling this loss is the key to reducing your heating costs. There are different ways of doing this and one of them is the use of a solid pool cover. There are different types and the best one will serve as a safety blanket and a heat retention device. It features a series of tracks and a motor to roll the heavy-duty blanket out over the surface of your pool and while they can be expensive, they are very valuable and effective, so it is worth getting one. It will cover the entire surface of your pool and the durability of the design and construction will bear the weight of a child if they were to accidentally enter the pool area, so it can serve as a security feature as well. In addition to heat, you will also have peace of mind knowing you have a safe environment.

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