The most frequently asked question regarding pools is how long it takes to build one, and the answer will depend on a number of factors, including the type of pool you are interested in and the time of year your pool will be built. Vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass pools all have different building times, and you will also have to factor in any necessary permits you may have to obtain, and the availability of the subcontractors as these will affect the building time as well.

The first step is the planning process. People have different ways of making decisions, and some will spend months discussing this aspect while others will plan their pool within days. You need to choose everything from pool tiles to decking materials and will have to choose every aspect wisely because your pool will be part of your landscape forever.

The type of pool you are after will play a major role in the length of time your pool build will take. The difference between constructing a fiberglass and concrete pool, for example, is significant, so this will have to be considered when planning your pool. One of the main reasons why people prefer a fiberglass pool is because the shells are prebuilt, so the process will be faster because pool construction will not be part of the process. Construction on your premises will not be necessary, and this type of pool can be installed in as little as a few days. Concrete pools, on the other hand, can be installed in detailed and complex shapes, so they take a lot longer to build.

If you want your pool to be ready by the time summer comes along, you will have to speak to a commercial pool builder in the off-season because they will have more time and will be able to prepare for the installation. Pool builders get very busy during the summer, so if you wait and contact them when it’s hot, it will take longer for your project to be built because you will have to wait until the builders can schedule you in. Rain can also cause delays because the construction area has to be dry for the building process to continue.

In addition to pool builders, you may also have to contact electricians and masons, and subcontractor scheduling can take time as well. Their availability will affect the time it takes to build your pool because certain elements of your pool installation will depend on another contractor’s work and its completion. They will have to complete their part before another can start on their required work, so this needs to be planned ahead of time to prevent delays.

Hiring a reputable commercial pool builder will ensure your pool is built as quickly as possible. The experts at Commercial Pool & Rec Products can help with pool supplies and all of your repair needs. We are one of the top pool maintenance companies in the Winnipeg area, so contact us today for more information!