Hotel owners know the importance of comfort and understand that every aspect of the property must be beautiful and inviting. Guests need to feel happy, and you must be able to accommodate their wants and needs. Clean rooms and exceptional service are a must, and if you want your hotel to stand out, a perfectly designed pool must be part of your property as well. This aspect will increase the popularity of your hotel, and more guests will want to stay there as a result. Most people look for pools when conducting their search of hotels, and the following ideas will not only provide you with inspiration, they will help boost your reputation as well:

Infinity Edge

If you have a resort that is on the water or on a landscape that has clear horizon lines, the addition of an infinity edge will make a world of difference. It will elevate your pool’s appearance and will make it more appealing, so guests will appreciate the beauty of this aspect and will want to jump right in. This is a great way to incorporate natural beauty into your resort.

Swim-Up Bar

This will definitely put you ahead of the game, and you will stand out from the competition because everyone will love this feature. Guests will appreciate this escape and will love the convenience that a swim-up bar provides. Make sure you offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to accommodate all of your guests.

Overflowing Sides

This will elevate the appearance of your pool, and your guests will notice this aspect as soon as they arrive. This idea will help you create a modern visual statement and will seamlessly connect the water with the surrounding deck. It will also allow for quicker water filtration, which will improve the cleanliness of your water.


Do not underestimate the power of light because the right ones will set the mood and will help your pool stand out. Lighting will help you create a nice tone and will allow you to manipulate this environment to your guests’ liking. Both out-of-water and underwater lights are available, and they will help you create the perfect escape for your guests to enjoy. Lighting will also allow your guests to swim during the evening, which is another bonus.


If your pool is deep enough, consider slides because this will provide your guests with an element of fun. This is something that families, couples and singles will all get to enjoy, so it’s a feature that everyone will appreciate. There are different types of slides available, so choose one according to your space. You can add a speed slide or a twisting slide or both if your resort allows for it.

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