Cleanliness is the sign of a professional business, so don’t let your commercial pool bring down your reputation. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether that be hospitality, fitness or spa, you must leave a good impression with your customers and clients if you hope to see repeat business. So how can you make sure you are doing the best you can at keeping your pool nice and clean?

It takes more than simply skimming the pool every now and then. Just removing the debris floating at the surface of your pool isn’t enough to keep it completely sanitary and safe for public use. Commercial pools see lots of different people of varying ages and cleanliness on the daily. It also doesn’t matter if your pool is indoor or outdoor, there are plenty of things that can gunk it up and pollute it. Commercial swimming pools are more likely to become dirtier faster than a residential pool, so you should seek some professional advice in order to keep them clean.

These are the top five maintenance tips to help you keep your pool in sanitary conditions:

Use a Checklist

Just like your business, there are several duties that you must perform in order to keep on top of your pool’s cleanliness. You should write down all the general cleaning and skimming tasks, such as testing the water, checking the pool equipment, and applying water treatments as necessary and any other important tasks. Doing so will help you and your employees on top of maintenance and daily tasks. Be sure to hire a professional pool company for more advanced maintenance like inspecting your pool filter.

Maintain Your Equipment

Your equipment should be well kept along with your pool and your deck. Metal accessories like your railing can get rusty or develop stains. Other minerals can build up on any submerged metal. You can apply a polish and wax treatment to keep things looking shiny. This can also prevent rust breakdown.

Use High-Quality Equipment

Investing in good cleaning equipment will result in good, clean outcomes. You have to use the right products and equipment to clean your deck, pool tiles, grout, grates and walls of your pool. The pool water chemicals you purchase should be harsh on bacteria but gentle on the skin.

Inspect Your Pump And Filter

Your pool pump and filter are one of the most important elements for keeping your pool clean. If these elements are compromised, your pool will turn into a cesspool of bacteria, fungi and even pests. Having a high-quality pump and filter will prolong the life of your pool. Check your pump and filter on a regular basis or hire professionals to do it.

If you have any questions or need more advice on the maintenance of your commercial pool, or if you need high-quality, professional maintenance work for your pool, contact Commercial Pool & Rec Products today.