If you have the opportunity to build your own swimming pool in your commercial space, you should include elements that will really make a difference and step your pool up a notch. One such feature available today is the swim-up bar.

What is a swim-up bar?

A swim-up bar consists of two parts: a wet side and a dry side. The wet area is where you place barstools in the water for guests to sit and enjoy their drinks at. The barstools themselves will be submerged in water. These stools are best placed in a shallow area that is between 30 and 42 inches deep. This is great for swimmers to enjoy their drinks while still being partially submerged and having enough space. Swim-up bars are available for both pools and hot tubs. In front of the bar stools there is a flat surface placed for serving and it is usually six inches above the pool coping. This is done to provide your guests with enough room for their knees and you can design your swim-up bar in any shape or style.

You can include as many features as you want on the dry side of your bar. You can have a full outdoor kitchen, a barbecue and other amenities to make cooking and serving easier on you. You might even want to add in a television for your guests to watch while they enjoy their food and drinks. It’s also possible to add in seating on the dry side of the bar, so guests both in and out of the pool can have access and socialize.

What are the benefits of having a swim-up bar?

A swim-up bar is the perfect feature for ultimate guest entertainment and it can just take your pool to the next level. Your guests can enjoy the pool at the same time that they have their drinks, appetizers or meals.

Many people think that swim-up bars are for adults only, but it also works great as a serving area for children too. You can serve refreshing non-alcoholic beverages while you barbecue or cook, and they can enjoy their meal and snacks without leaving the water.

Another benefit is that having a swim-up bar can help save space. This might seem counterintuitive, but having a swim-up bar in your pool can save room since you won’t have to create a separate area for an outdoor kitchen and seating.

Lastly, a swim-up bar can really transport your commercial pool to luxury resort status. You can escape your day-to-day life at your leisure without even leaving the area.

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